Commit to a Goal

I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t like getting up early but I do love being up before the world wakes up. There is something so magical about the silence and stillness found in that time.

Back in the day I had packed on a few extra pounds and decided to do something about it. Because I am not a fan of workout routines or gyms, I had to figure out something to help me shed that weight. I knew I’d be too tired after work and having to cook dinner to do anything, I opted to rise early. I decided I’d walk the perimeter of our yard as many times as I could for those twenty minutes. It was during the winter and I’m really no fan of being in the cold for that long. It was really tough for me mentally to climb out of my comfy warm bed, miss sleep, and dress for the cold but I had made the decision, committed to it, and did it.

During my walks I saw the sun rise for the first time. It was amazing to see how the sun gently put the moon to bed as it painted the clouds and brightened the sky as the trees began to glow.  The cold kept my mind focused on my goal of getting to that twenty minute mark so I could go inside and warm up.  About day seven I began to look forward to my walks. My mind was free of thoughts of things that had to be done. It was pure enjoyment of the moment.   After two weeks my husband noticed my plan was working. He wanted to lose some weight too. He decided to rise from his cozy slumber and join me on the walks. The extra moments shared and experiencing the sunrises together in silence is time I’ll always cherish. It was as if those twenty minutes were an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while filed with excitement waiting for me to arrive so we could catch up.

The rewards of making my decision, committing to it, and following through were incredible. I accomplished my goal; I lost the weight and gained so much more. The sunrises, the walks with my husband, I see were all incentives to keep going. No matter what your goal is big or small, if you commit to it and follow through you will reap the benefits and receive extra incentives along to help you stay the course and reach your destination.