The First Post

Welcome to Mending Pieces, I’m Amanda. I am known for my love of quilting. Here on this blog I want to share what I’m working on and the process of putting it all together.

I am working on the quilt of my life. For years I have collected the pieces that go in to this quilt. Some of those pieces have an unequivocal beauty. Other pieces are not so pretty, battered and frayed these pieces are ugly and dark. Yet they sit right next to those of beauty surrounding each one helping them to look even more beautiful than they do on their own. Together the beautiful pieces make the ugly pieces not look as horrible as I once thought. Still there are pieces I did not choose for myself but there they are. I’m still learning how to work with these.

This quilt isn’t finished; far from it. I haven’t found all the pieces. It is a constant process. I am so grateful for every piece; for the adventure, beauty, comfort, and love it has and continues to provide me. I hope the pieces I share with you here will in some way encourage and inspire you to love your own quilt of life and see it for the magnificent patchwork of beauty it truly is.

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