Ladybug, Ladybug…

Ladybug Bag
I love to make cute little bags like this. They are quick and fun to make. Sometimes that’s just what I need in between quilt projects, sometimes during.
The process of making and hand quilting a quilt is a lengthy process. Taking a break to  make a bag like this can be  “therapy” for me. To be able to make something that can be finished quickly helps keep me going on the current quilting project. That may sound strange but it works for me.  
This bag was made for a sweet little lady whose motivation during class and her high-five at the end of each class helped keep me going during my morning workouts. She had been feeling under the weather so I put in a pocket pack of tissues. As reported by her mother, she loved the bag and the tissues, “she blew her nose all the way to the sitters”.