Hands On

The start of something special

I’d had an idea for this project in my head for over a year. I’d had some of the fabric for it hanging around for more than fifteen years. At first, I’d thought to give it as a Christmas gift for my parents but thought again and decided it would make a much better anniversary gift.

Two and two

With the help of my niece I was able to gather templates for the hand prints of my sister, nephew, herself, and myself.

Four blocks

To bring all the fabrics used in the hand prints together I used a single color that complemented each for the background.

Ready to cut the sashing

I love this tool! It’s hard to see in this picture but it has slits every half inch. Just lay your fabric down, line it up, and move your rotary cutter from slit to slit down the line. So fast.

Nice stripping job
Using the walking foot

This was the first project on which I’d any machine quilting. It’s going to take me some practice but I think I did pretty good. I also hand stitched the hand prints and binding.

Wall hanging complete

We are all right handed, each fabric represents something about each of us and the red sashing and border represent my parents birthstone. I was right, it was the perfect anniversary gift. They loved it!

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