Machine Quilting for the First Time

Front view of first attempt to machine quilt

I am working on a project that needs to be completed by Saturday and I am attempting to teach myself to machine quilt. I thought it would be somewhat easy to do. I have my quilting foot and darning plate on the machine and this is how the first test worked out. It doesn’t look too bad to me for my first try. But then you turn it over and this is what you get…

Back view of first attempt to machine quilt
I don’t know what happened! My movement wasn’t smooth but is this supposed to happen? I was trying to run the machine at a speed equal to the moving of the fabric. I was thinking about using the walking foot to quilt with but I should be able to do this with a quilting foot, wouldn’t you think? I have a lot of curves in the project and don’t think I’ll be able to see them very well using the walking foot. If I can’t get this technique working for me quickly, I’ll have to start hand quilting to try and meet my deadline. Any suggestions as to what happened or any tips to make this process easier?

2 thoughts on “Machine Quilting for the First Time

  1. Hi Annie. I am no expert on Free Motion Machine quilting, but there are a lot of good videos and quilters out on the web you might want to read what they have to suggest. I have been practicing and trying to teach myself and when I first began the back of my pieces looked pretty loopy. It took a bit of practice for me to strike a balance between the speed of the machine and how I moved the quilt sandwich. I just had to keep at it until I found a speed that was good for me. Did you set your stitch length at zero and drop the feed dogs? What happens if you just try to stitch a straight line (are you still getting the birds nests on the back)? sorry I couldn't offer better advice, but keep at it, you will find your rythm. If you need to get a piece quilted quickly, you might want to use your walking foot or do it by hand. Bernie

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