Date Night Inspired

Motorcycle scarf

Monday night was date night for my honey and me. He took me to an outdoor Christmas light display spanning a 65 acre garden estate. It was gorgeous! Being an outdoor date and the temperatures finally beginning to get cold here on the Southern Gulf Coast, I was concerned about being too cold to enjoy the stroll among the illuminated grounds. Add the humidity of the South with cold air and you can feel it to your bones, at least I can. The temperature was in the low sixties. I decided on a long sleeve t-shirt under a sweatshirt, with a hoodie and a scarf, then we were off.

I love my scarf and the blocking of wind and warmth it gives to the area of my neck that no matter how tight you pull the drawstrings on a hoodie or how high you button a coat is always left exposed to the air. As we walked the grounds and marveled at the lighting display it occurred to me that my honey didn’t have a scarf. He’d never worn one and I didn’t know if he would, as he enjoys the cold weather much more than I do.

The next day I dug through my storage tub of  fabrics other than for quilts and found some fleece I had been holding onto for some fourteen or so years and threw it into the washer. As it washed I gathered my fabric for the outer portion of the scarf. 

Ready to sew

With fleece dry and fabric pieces cut I began to sew.

Blocks sewn

I alternated the blue and black fabrics and added a red stripe between each.

Face to face

I put right sides together and sewed them leaving space to turn the scarf inside out. After a little trimming of the fleece I turned it right side out and closed up the opening.

Scarf complete
And here it is, the scarf that was date night inspired. I gave it to my honey, he wrapped it around his neck and he loved it. However, he will have to wait to test it out in real time. Even though it was only the next day, the temperature had risen to the high seventies. That’s the way the weather is here at this time of year, you never know how to dress from day to day. When it does get cold enough to wear the scarf, I hope he can feel the hugs I put into it to keep him warm when I’m not there to wrap my arms around him myself.

Project Details: 6″ x 52″, fleece and cotton.