Shhh, It’s a Christmas Gift

Initial applique pillow

This is my first ever fusible web applique project. I’ve always wanted to try this method of applique and finally got around to it. It was pretty fun. Read along and see how I did it.

Pick a font, any font
I went to the computer and  found a font that I liked and printed it out. I gave the letter a little bit thicker border than what I actually wanted to give room for trimming.This is what has always been scary to me with letters and fusible applique, I’m am “directionally challenged”. I’m always afraid I am going to fuse the wrong side of the fabric and my letter will come out backwards and I’ll be wasting fabric. I hate to waste fabric. But after thinking about if for a minute or two I figured it out. I placed the print out under the fusible and traced it on the web side not the paper side.
Trim away
I cut my letter out of the fusible with an exact-o knife. I know all quilters have a scrap bag of fabric but I also saved my scraps from the fusible. You never know when you’re going to need those little pieces.
Rough Cut
Next I ironed the fusible to the wrong side of the fabric and did a rough cut to remove excess fabric. Be sure to read the instructions for your fusible as different kinds have different instructions.
All trimmed up

I used my snipper scissors to give the letter tidy edges. I cut into the fusible ever so slightly to make sure the fabric had the fusing all the way to the edge. This is why I printed the letter out just a little bolder than I actually needed.

Pillow front
I pressed the letter onto the pillow front per the manufactures directions. 
Front with ruffles
I added “ruffles” to the pillow front. As I haven’t mastered mitered corners yet, I came up with a better design that worked for me.
Pillow back
I made the back an envelope style for easy laundering.
Here it is all put together, my first fusible applique project. I made this pillow for my Grandmother as a Christmas gift, I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

Project Details: 18″ x18″ pillow