Disappearing Nine Patch


Here it is the completed disappearing nine patch, I call it “Contemplation”. Contemplation because I have thought on the fabrics for years, not for them to go into this particular quilt but in quilts for other people. Once I got the fabrics home and prepped, I thought they were so pretty I didn’t want to cut them.To get over this I decided to cut a piece from each fabric so when this quilt was completed, all the fabric would already be cut and I’d be on my way to making many more quilts. Some of them have been waiting to fulfill their destiny for over seventeen years.
While making this quilt I implemented different methods I had been wanting to try. I taught myself how to quilt with my left hand. It was a slow process but it didn’t take long for it to begin to feel not so awkward. I tried various ways of marking the quilt for hand quilting. I used painters tape, disappearing ink markers, and chalk, I prefer the chalk. I learned to use the walking foot on my machine to attach the binding. This is the first quilt I have ever labeled, it was pretty simple. The hardest part was writing on the fabric with a fine point fabric marker. It’s not my best penmanship but the details of the quilt are preserved.
People have asked for whom this quilt was made, I can’t answer that question. I have always wanted to make a quilt for myself of the scraps leftover from the quilts I have made for others. I guess you could say I have done this in reverse as all the fabrics combined to make this quilt will become a part of someone else’s quilt. I don’t think this is “my quilt” because it isn’t from the leftover scraps. It doesn’t feel like my quilt. For now I call it my spare, one to be used by those who visit my home or are nearby to share it’s warmth with me wherever I and it might be. Maybe, after many years of sharing, my spare could become my quilt.

*****Quilt Details:  Dimensions: 50” x 65”; Quilt Name: Contemplation; Fabrics Used: Almost everything in my stash.