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Books about quilting from my personal collection and the local library

Reading is a gift to your self 

The only thing I like to promote more than an appreciation for quilting is a love of reading. I will stop whatever I am doing to read to a child. Teaching a child to read and helping them develop a love for reading is one of the most important investments you can make in their future.

A child is never to young to be read to. Read to them before they’re born, even when they are asleep they can still hear you. For those with young children in their lives read to them, take them to the local library for story time. Even if they are too young to read a book themselves let them pick their own book, get them their own library card. The library has a great selection of books for all ages. Just having and being around books can help build an interest. If a child asks you to read to them, do it. Nothing could be more important than the five minutes you spend reading to them. You’ll never know the impact a single moment could have on someone’s life.  Read aloud with the elementary aged child, read the same book along with the upper elementary child in your life. Have your own book club with the pre-teens and teens in your life. It only takes two to get started. Adults, if you are interested in a subject and don’t know if you really want to dive into it head first, check out  a young adult or children’s book on the subject. They hit the highlights and then you’ll know if you want more detailed information.

You can impress upon others the importance of reading by reading yourself. Volunteer to read at a school library during National Library Week (usually in April) or anytime. Support your local library. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is the only thing that is truly yours that no one can take away.